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Our Mission

The mission of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy is to promote physical therapist best practice and to advocate for optimal aging.

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Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy
Karen Curran, CAE; Executive Director
3510 East Washington Ave.
Madison WI 53704

[email protected]

Join the Academy

It is essential for any physical therapist, assistant, or student involved with aging clients to stay current in the field of geriatric physical therapy. You should join if you:

  • Provide direct care to geriatric clients in an acute, long term, home health, hospice, or outpatient setting;
  • Supervise health care practitioners involved in the care of the geriatric client;
  • Are involved in the education of health care practitioners specializing in geriatrics;
  • Develop and/or implement programs involving the aging adult;
  • Are a student desiring current information in the field of geriatric physical therapy.

  • (Note: American Physical Therapy Association membership is required to become an AGPT member)

We Value:

    • Older people and aging as a positive event.
    • The unique contributions of physical therapy to enhance the quality of life of all older adults.
    • Collaborative relationships with internal and external constituencies.
    • Quality of life as enhanced throughout the lifespan by following principles of health promotion, prevention of disease, and appropriate rehabilitation intervention.
    • The highest standards of clinical practice as supported by research and education.
    • The current and potential contributions of each physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, and student member.
    • Communication among the members.
    • Leadership's accountability to the members considering their current and anticipated needs.
    • The cultural diversity of each member and older adult.

Official Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy Position Statements

Our Rich History

Read About the History of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy in the GeriNotes 25th Anniversary Edition.

Section Strategic Plan Goals 2017-2019:

  • Support autonomous physical therapist practice with the aging population
  • Pursue best physical therapy practice for optimal aging
  • Support members in advocating for the health, wellness, fitness, and physical function needs of the aging adult
  • Establish the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy as the premier resource for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants working with adults
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