National Senior Games Association

APTA Geriatrics convened a taskforce of dedicated members in partnership with the National Senior Games Association in March 2019 to work together towards our common missions to optimize the experience of aging and promote health and active lifestyles for adults through education, sports and fitness. The APTA Geriatrics/NSGA Task Force members are:

  • Becca Jordre - Task Force Chair (South Dakota)
  • Mike Studer (Oregon)
  • Jill Heitzman (Missouri)
  • Beth Black (New Mexico)
  • Alice Holder (Ohio)
  • Craig Cooper (Utah)

The charge of this task force is to:

  • Identify screening tools for senior athletes
  • Create co-branded resources and educational materials for both clinicians and the community
  • Integrate APTA Geriatrics resources with those of the NSGA
  • Facilitate physical therapist and physical therapist assistant participation in state and national NSGA events

The handouts below were created for the National Senior Games in Albuquerque New Mexico and are designed for use by active older adult athletes.


National Council on Aging (NCOA)

APTA Geriatrics convened a taskforce of dedicated members in partnership with the National Council on Aging in March 2019, to work together toward our common missions to optimize the experience of aging and improve the lives of millions of older adults.

The charge of this task force is to:

  • Develop educational materials on how to create and utilize effective partnerships
  • Organize joint co-branded best practice materials for community programs for falls prevention, chronic disease self-management education, and aging well that is directed to older adults, public health officials, and community partners.
  • Promote materials from both organizations on an ongoing basis for the long term benefit of members.
  • To learn more about this initiative contact [email protected]

Adding Value to Practice:

 July 2019 GeriNotes Issue    file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/Evidence_Based_Exercise_Prescription_for_Balance.2.pdf
Introduction to Series: Evidence-based Programs and Your Practice: A Foundation for Value-based Care
What are Evidence-based Programs and Why Should I Care?

September 2019 GeriNotes Issue
How Do I Find and Refer Patients to Programs?

November 2019 GeriNotes Issue
What is the Value to My Practice, My Patients, and My Community?

Check out the work of the TF at CSM 2020 in Denver Colorado
Clinical-Community Connections: Effective Strategies for Improved Patient Outcomes

Response to Senate Special Committee on Aging
Want more info on the impact and recommendations for policies related to falls prevention? AGPT, with input from task forces, the BFSIG, and other experts, had the opportunity to provide input to the Senate Special Committee on Aging

Fall Prevention Awareness Day Activities


The APTA Geriatrics/NCOA Task Force members are:

  • Tiffany Shubert - Task Force Chair (North Carolina)
  • Jennifer Tripken – NCOA Representative (Washington DC)
  • Jennifer Vincenzo – BF SIG Chair and NCOA Liaison (Arkansas)
  • Jennifer Brach (Pennsylvania)
  • Patrice Hazan (South Carolina)
  • Colleen Hergott (Georgia)
  • Beth Rohrer (Virginia)
  • Lori Schrodt (North Carolina)
  • Kathy Shirley (Florida)
  • Jennifer Sidelinker (Pennsylvania)

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