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Technology And Aging
GeriNotes 2015 CE Online Exam

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Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who work with the aging adult population will encounter many patients who use or wish to use some form of technology. The physical therapy professionals working with the patients may need to understand and be able to assist these individuals in their desire to use a wide variety of technol- ogy in practice. This continuing education module includes information for physical therapy professionals regarding the various forms of technology that is available and of interest to their patients. Some of the technologies talked about in this issue are new, and in some cases, very unique. As such, many of the technologies are still using their trade name to identify the item or concept. Use of specific names and manufacturers is in no way an endorsement of the product by GeriNotes or the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy, but are provided to allow readers the opportunity to find out more about the options discussed. It should also be noted that all prices were correct at time of article submission.

  1. Mobile Health in Older Adults: Benefits & Barriers
  2. Assistive Technology Assessment for a Patient Post Stroke
  3. Using Technology to Better the Life of Seniors

The last 3 articles found in this CE portion of GeriNotes were written by students in the gerontology class of the San Marcos campus DPT program, University of St. Augustine.

  1. The Development of Robotic Technology for the Growing Elder Population
  2. Electronically Managed Medication Dispensing Systems
  3. Home Safety Systems: Webcams for the Elderly
  • Daniel J. Lee, PT, DPT, GCS Patrice Antony, PT, GCS
  • Dayle Armstrong, PT, MS, DPT
  • Rhonda Felder, PhD, MPT, SCS
  • Yvonne Huang, S-DPT Kayleigh Marsolini, S-DPT Michael Traficante, S-DPT

References can be found at the end of each chapter in the module.

  1. Identify the demand for increased technology use in the older adult population.
  2. Describe some of the technologies that may be useful to older adults.
  3. Be familiar with some ideas for the future of technology use in the older adult population.

Completion of the CE Module is equivalent to 4 contact hours. This converts to .4 Continuing Education Units.


A Continuing Education certificate will be provided to each participant after successful completion of the course requirements (post-test and module evaluation) and payment of a processing fee. The Geriatric Academy of Physical Therapists is a recognized component of the American Physical Therapy Association. The AGPT has not applied to any state licensure agency for prior approval of this course. The module has all the components (content, objectives, qualified instructors, reference lists, and post-test) that will allow participants to submit the certificate of completion to meet CE requirements in most chapters. Please seek individual approval for this course from the states of Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Nevada.


To obtain CEUs for this continuing education unit, participants must complete the ONLINE post-test as well as the ONLINE evaluation form. A processing fee of $40.00 for Geriatric Academy members and $80.00 for non-members is required. To apply for CEUs, complete the post-test and the evaluation form to the online and provide payment online. Test and evaluation forms must be completed online no later than March 31, 2016. Upon submission of materials and a passing score of 80% or higher on the post-test, you will receive a continuing education certificate for .4 CEUs. Those who do not pass the first time will be notified via email and given the opportunity to re-take the exam.

Technology and Aging: A Continuing Education Unit Post-test

Instructions: To obtain CEUs for this continuing education unit, participants must complete the post-test as well as the evaluation form ONLINE. There is only ONE correct answer for each question. NOTE: This is to be performed ONLINE ONLY. The print form here is for your convenience. Please go to the link listed below to complete the post-test and the evaluation form. A written form of the examination questions is provided. However, please note that this must be completed online.

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