Gerinotes A Clinical Magazine

GeriNotes is the member magazine for the APTA Geriatrics (Academy). They are distributed bimonthly beginning in January. Some issues have focused topics pertinent to a specific area of geriatric physical therapy. These issues have guest editors with special knowledge in the focused area. Other issues are general with a variety of articles submitted byAPTA Geriatrics members. APTA Geriatrics news and committee reports are also provided in each issue. The Editorial Board of GeriNotes meets annually at the Combined Sections Meeting. Members of the APTA Geriatrics are encouraged to submit articles for publication in GeriNotes. Guidelines for Authors can be downloaded here. The copyright is held by the APTA Geriatrics, APTA

Editorial Board

  • Michele Stanley, PT, DPT , EDITOR
  • Patrice Antony, PT
  • Jennifer Bottomley, PT, MS, PhD
  • Kathy Brewer, PT, DPT, Med
  • Chris Childers, PT, MS
  • Helen Cornely, PT, EdD
  • Meri Goehring, PT, PhD
  • Jill Heitzman, PT, DPT, PhD
  • Ken Miller, PT, DPT
  • Lise McCarthy, PT, DPT
  • William Staples, PT, DPT, DHSc
  • Ellen Strunk, PT, MS
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