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APTA Geriatrics offers six special interest groups including Balance and Falls, Bone Health, Cognitive and Mental Health, Health Promotion and Wellness, Global Health International, and Residency & Fellowship. These groups offer a forum for promoting advances in practice in the US and globally. Please browse below.

Balance & Falls SIG

Chair: Jennifer Vincenzo, PT, MPH, PhD

The primary purpose of the Balance and Falls SIG is to provide a forum for the increase of knowledge and quality of practice for physical therapists in relation to older persons with balance problems and an increased risk for falling. The SIG uses various means to foster discussion and communication among its members. These include programs at CSM, articles in Gerinotes or other publications, and newsletters to members. Interested Section on Geriatrics members are encouraged to provide email addresses for communication.

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Bone Health SIG

Chair: Kathy Brewer, PT, DPT, GCS, MEd, CEEAA

  • Develop and apply research and knowledge to
    • Promote, maintain, and preserve bone health through the life span
    • Reduce age-related bone loss
    • Reduce fracture risk
  • Manage and treat bone loss, osteoporosis and fractures
  • Expand understanding of bone and its unique response to mechanical loading and exercise
  • Increase public awareness of the role of physical therapy in the promotion of bone- healthy exercise and lifestyle and the management and treatment of bone loss and fracture
  • Develop guidelines for successful clinical practice.
  • Inform all physical therapy practice to incorporate knowledge of bone into everyday practice and exercise prescription, with emphasis on bone building exercise in youth and safe, non- compressive core and balance exercises for older adults.


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Cognitive & Mental Health SIG

Chair: Christine Childers, PT, MS

The purpose of the CMHSIG shall be to provide a forum and preferred channel for sharing information and resources, and promoting professional networking and advocacy efforts related to cognitive and mental health issues and behaviors in the area of geriatric physical therapy. The CMHSIG will foster the creation and collaboration of relationships among individuals with a common interest in physical therapy for older adults with cognitive and mental health issues and behaviors in order to advance the knowledge and skills of geriatric physical therapy practice. There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved!

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Global Health for Aging Adults SIG

Chair: Jennifer Howanitz PT, DPT, GCS

The goals of the Global Health for Aging Adults SIG are to increase awareness of the practice of physical therapy across the globe, advance PT practice globally, encourage international clinician and student activities, and facilitate global partnerships.

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Health Promotion & Wellness SIG

Chair: Gina Pariser, PT, PhD

The purpose of the Health Promotion and Wellness SIG is to enhance health promotion and wellness practice among physical therapy professionals working with older adults. The SIG supports this goal through education, clinical practice, research, and partnership with other health promotion organizations and initiatives.

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Residency & Fellowship SIG

Chair: Raegan Muller, PT

In fostering the development and growth of geriatric residency and fellowship programs, the APTA Geriatrics has approved a new SIG: the Residency and Fellowship SIG. This new SIG will allow greater participation among ALL parties interested in residency/fellowship education; including those engaged in existing programs (both faculty and participants) and those interested in developing new programs. Furthermore, students and others interested in becoming a resident should become members of the SIG for networking purposes. The Residency/Fellowship SIG will allow for increased member participation and potentially have a much greater impact on the development of new and larger programs. There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved!


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