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Provide opportunities for the growth of knowledge and quality of practice for physical therapists in relation to older persons with balance deficits and an increased risk for falling.

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There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved! To participate or learn more about current SIG activities and projects, contact the SIG chair.

Balance and Falls SIG News

posted: March 13, 2018

The CDC has a new publication that examines the significant medical cost associated with Falls among Older Adults. It is titled:The Medical Costs of Fatal and Nonfatal Falls among Older Adultsand it is published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society. The study found that in 2015, total medical costs to treat older adult falls exceeded $50 billion. Of this total amount, medical costs for fatal falls accounted for $750 million. For nonfatal falls, Medicare and Medicaid shouldered 75% of the financial burden of medical costs, which totaled $38 billion for the two programs. Medicare spent approximately $29 billion on falls (constituting 6 percent of all Medicare spending for older adults). Medicaid spent $9 billion on falls (8 percent of all Medicaid spending for older adults). Fall-related expenses for private and other payers totaled $12 billion (5 percent of their total older adult spending).

This new study is the first to calculate the annual economic burden paid by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance/out of pocket payers. Using this new methodology, CDC will update falls medical spending estimates on a regular basis and they are asking clinicians to continue their collaboration in decreasing falls and fall risk.

They shared a Twitter-ready image that can be shared through your social media channels. Click here to get a copy of the image:

posted: March 09, 2018

Watch the March 2018 AGPT Fireside Chat with AGPT President  and Vice President

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posted: December 05, 2017

As the clinical liaison for the AGPT Balance and Falls SIG, it is my plan that we continue with the monthly challenge into 2018. We will be exploring a few familiar topics, as well as a few new ones to keep us all up to date on our falls management skills.

I once again, personally invite you to partake in a 12-month clinical skills development challenge, dubbed "The Monthly Challenge", through the year of 2018. Each month, we will be sending out information related to a different aspect of managing balance and falls risk in our older adult population.

Topics for the year are as follows:

  • January: Getting Started: How to Discuss Falls and Goal Setting
  • February: Environmental Modifications
  • March: Outcome Measures and Interventions
  • April: Educating Our Medical Contemporaries and Colleagues in Traditionally Non-Geriatric Settings
  • May: Medications and Falls: BEERS Criteria and Beyond
  • June: Advocacy, Outreach, and Community Education
  • July: Cognition and Fall Risk
  • August: Can there ever be a "No Fall Risk"?
  • September: Short and Long-Term Consequences of Falls and Fall-Related Injuries
  • October: Addressing Fear-Induced Activity Limitations
  • November: Patient Resources and Gift Ideas for the Older Adult in your Life!
  • December: Options for Continuing Education, Professional Resources Beyond the APTA, and Staying Connected in 2019 and Beyond

All members of the AGPT are invited to partake, but if you are interested in being included on a separate email list where you can communicate with other professionals, please email me at to get connected with our support group to help ensure your success in this endeavor. This year we will be engaging members through Twitter (totally voluntary, not mandatory to participate) in addition to our monthly emails. You can follow the Balance and Falls SIG on twitter @AGPT_BF_SIG. Clinicians of all skill levels, from students to expert clinicians, and from all settings are welcome and exuberantly encouraged to participate.

12 months, 12 essential skills, 12 simple and EASY changes to your current clinical practice habits, one simple way to create lasting impact on those we serve.

Please join me in welcoming another year with good cheer, a good attitude, and good clinical practice!

Looking forward to growing with you,

Heidi Moyer, PT, DPT



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