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GHAA SIG Leadership

February 2020: The GHAA Officers at work during APTA's Combined Sections Meeting in Denver, CO. (Left to Right: Joseph Siu, Rick Black, Jennifer Howanitz, and Soshi Samejima.


GHAA SIG Minutes

The goals of the Global Health for Aging Adults SIG are to increase awareness of the practice of physical therapy across the globe, advance PT practice globally, encourage international clinician and student activities, and facilitate global partnerships. The current work plan was presented to the members of the SIG at CSM 2020 and approved.

SIG 2020 Work Plan

  • Develop and implement projects in all parts of the world to enhance health and well being of older adults.
  • To facilitate networking and colloboration between geriatric PTs of various countries.
  • Facilitate colloboration among geriatric physical therapists and researchers to address significant health care issues in the US and abroad.

There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved! To participate or learn more about current SIG activities and projects, contact the SIG chair.



Global Health for Aging Adults SIG News


Global Health for Aging Adults SIG Member Resources

IPTOP Standards of Practice

Standards of Clinical Practice Published Part of IPTOP's Mission Statement involves furthering its members' ability to provide best practice physical therapy when examining/assessing and providing interventions/treatments to older people and to advocate for optimal aging. To that end, a standards of clinical practice document has arisen from a need to help members achieve the IPTOP aim of "...encouraging high standards of physical therapy practice with older people."

The Standards of Clinical Practice can be used as:

  • A guide for physical therapists when promoting the needs and interests of older people in broader contexts
  • Guidance for the physical therapist clinician to use during their period of clinical intervention/treatment with an older person
  • As an educational tool for senior staff when teaching junior staff and students about the management of the older person

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