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The Residency and Fellowship SIG seeks to foster the development and growth of geriatric residency and fellowship programs. The R/F SIG will allow greater participation among ALL parties interested in residency/fellowship education; including those engaged in existing programs (both faculty and participants) and those interested in developing new programs. Furthermore, students and others interested in becoming a resident should become members of the R/F SIG for networking purposes. The R/F SIG will allow for increased member participation and potentially have a much greater impact on the development of new and larger programs. There are many opportunities for participation, so please consider getting involved! To participate or learn more about current SIG activities and projects, contact the SIG chair.

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posted: February 12, 2019

Topic: SIG Journal Club: Program-Level Factors Influencing Positive Graduate Outcomes of Physical Therapy Residency Program

posted: January 31, 2019

The Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy (AGPT) promotes lifelong learning and the transition to clinical specialization.   The mission of the AGPT is to promote physical therapist best practice and to advocate for optimal aging Therefore, the Academy supports physical therapists interested in geriatric study interested in pursuing clinical residencies and or fellowships.

The AGPT takes pride assisting in the development of young professionals interested in advancing their careers through working with older adults.  To foster the growth of Geriatric Physical Therapy Specialty Practice, AGPT is offering scholarships to physical therapists in a geriatric clinical residency or fellowship programs.  

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posted: December 17, 2018


posted: March 15, 2018



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