Student PT & PTA Interests 

Students are a welcome part of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy and are invited to participate in projects and to join their physical therapy colleagues toward the pursuit of working with older adults. One of the main projects this year was developing and implementing a student brochure contest to create Consumer Brochures. The goal was to promote learning in our physical therapy programs while helping the Academy develop a library of clinical pamphlets to be published on the section's website.

The deadline to submit a Consumer Brochure for the next contest is November 15th. Follow the directions below to participate.

Congratulations 2019 Contest Winners!

Past Consumer Brochure Contest for Students Winners :


Please include this contest in your syllabi plan. The Section welcomes brochures on topics related to physical therapy and the older adult. We encourage physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students to participate with judging taking place by CSM each year. Winning brochures will receive Section membership for a year AND publishable entrants will become part of the brochure library of the Academy's website. Contact AGPT for more information


This contest is currently accepting brochures! We strongly encourage students to consider entering this contest. This is an excellent way to become involved in the APTA and gives everyone the opportunity to be published! For contest rules please click here.

Educators and Students

Please feel free to use this template for your brochure. We have provided an edit-able copy in Microsoft Word.

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