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Students are a welcome part of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy and are invited to participate in projects and to join their physical therapy colleagues toward the pursuit of working with older adults. One of the main projects this year was developing and implementing a student brochure contest to create Consumer Brochures. The goal was to promote learning in our physical therapy programs while helping the Academy develop a library of clinical pamphlets to be published on the section's website.

The deadline to submit a Consumer Brochure for the next contest is November 15th. Follow the directions below to participate.

Congratulations 2019 Contest Winners!

Past Consumer Brochure Contest for Students Winners :


Please include this contest in your syllabi plan. The Section welcomes brochures on topics related to physical therapy and the older adult. We encourage physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students to participate with judging taking place by CSM each year. Winning brochures will receive Section membership for a year AND publishable entrants will become part of the brochure library of the Academy's website. Contact AGPT for more information


This contest is currently accepting brochures! We strongly encourage students to consider entering this contest. This is an excellent way to become involved in the APTA and gives everyone the opportunity to be published!

1. Consumer Brochure Contest for Students


PT and PTA students throughout the states are creating consumer/client instructional materials. Brochures created over the past three years are available on our website, and are a valuable resource to the clients we serve.

Contest Rules:

  1. The student contributor(s) must be enrolled in a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant program when they submit their brochure. Submissions are accepted January 1 - November 15 for consideration at Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) the following January or February.
  2. The submitted handout will be one page only, using both sides of a standard sized 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. The handout will not be folded. Author's names will be clearly printed on the back cover. *We encourage students to view the templates on this page.
  3. Students should only use pictures from .gov websites: all other pictures on the web may be copyrighted.
  4. All submitted brochures become the property of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy. Winning and honorable mention brochures will be posted on the website after final editing with the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy's name and logo for clinician use following the contest.
  5. Entrant handouts must be emailed to [email protected] by November 15. Please include contact information for all students who worked on the brochure. If the brochure was created in a class, we would also like to have the professor's name and e-mail. Submit your brochure as a PDF File.
  6. The top three entrants will each receive a year's student membership to the Academy of Geriatric Physical. Winning Handouts will be displayed at the Academy booth at APTA's CSM. Authors will be recognized through the display, in GeriNotes, and on the Academy's web site. The handouts will be available for clinicians to download and print for client care and instruction.

2. Do You Know Students Who are Involved in Geriatrics? Nominate Them for a Student Membership Award!


Get students involved in the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy, and have them paired with a mentor in the field! Anyone who is an Academy member or teaches geriatric content may nominate a student. Simply supply the following information to [email protected] by November 15:

  1. Full name of nominator, or APTA member number
  2. Full name of student, or APTA member number
  3. Description of how student meets the criteria

To be eligible for this award, the nominee must:

  1. Be a member of APTA
  2. Be enrolled full time in an accredited educational PT or PTA program, residency or fellowship.
  3. Be in good academic standing
  4. Have demonstrated an interest in geriatrics as evidenced by special course work in the area of geriatrics, had an exceptional clinical experience in the area of geriatrics or some other aspect that indicates the student as having special interest in geriatrics, such as, research project, case studies, special presentations, volunteering, etc.

The final award winners will be drawn during the business meeting at CSM. There will be up to 5 PTA and 5 PT students selected to receive a complimentary one year membership to the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy.

Educators and Students

Please feel free to use this template for your brochure. We have provided an edit-able copy in Microsoft Word.

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